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Legal Notice

It is important that you read the following carefully. If you have any doubts about any specific aspects, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Identity and ownership of the website

The owner of the website (hereinafter, “Website”) es VALFONDO GESTIÓN, S.L.U. (hereinafter “VALFONDO” company registered in the Zaragoza Trade Registry in volume 4286, sheet 134, page Z-62821, with tax identification number B99507469 and registered address at Calle Felipe Sanclemente 26, 50001-Zaragoza (Spain).

If you wish to contact us you may do so through our:

Telephone: (+34) 976 30 18 22
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Or if you prefer, you can send us a letter by post to the above address.

If your query is related to our use of your personal details or if you wish to unsubscribe from any of the services, please see our Privacy Policy

The following Terms and Conditions of Use are applicable to users of the following domain:



Access to, use or browsing of and participation in the services and activities of this website confers User (hereinafter, “User”) status from the outset. If you continue to browse this website, you are understood to expressly and voluntarily agree in full to be bound by this Website’s Terms and Conditions of use. If you decide not to accept the present conditions, you must refrain from access to and/or use of the contents and services provided on this Website.

Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of Use implies that you as the User:

- declare that you have read, understood and accepted in full the content of the present Terms and Conditions of use.

- declare that all the information you provide while using of any of our services is true and exact, without limitations, reservations or misrepresentations.

- in order to use any of the services provided through this website, you expressly accept the following Terms and Conditions of Use and the Pricacy Policy with regard to the aforementioned processing of the data on submitting your personal information.

Use of and access to this website is free of charge, notwithstanding the connection and data charges of the corresponding telecommunications network which provides you with access as User.

As User you grant Valfondo the right to authorise third parties to exercise the rights granted to Valfondo under these Terms and Conditions of Use.


Who is the owner of this Website’s contents?

This website and the information or elements contained therein (including but not limited to its programming, edition, compilation and other elements necessary for its operation, all the designs, texts, graphs, icons, buttons, documents, information, sound and/or image files, designs, source codes, etc.), and logotypes, trademarks, commercial names or other distinctive, industrial signs or any other signs liable to industrial and commercial use (hereinafter, the "Website’s Contents") are protected by the intellectual and industrial property rights owned by Valfondo and for which they hold a licence or express authorisation for their use and public communication by legitimate third-party owners of the same for their inclusion on this website.

What are the limits and authorisations for the use of the Website’s Contents?

As the User you undertake to make proper use of the Website’s Contents, in accordance with the Law and the present Terms and Conditions of Use. For this reason you expressly accept to maintain Valfondo free from any liability with respect to any individual, which may result from your use of the Website’s Contents which is not in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of Use or with the legislation applicable at any time.

In no event does the use of this Website grant the user authorisation or any licence, or the waiving, transmission, total or partial transfer of the intellectual, industrial or image rights, nor does it grant any right, or expectation of right without the express, written and prior consent of Valfondo or the legitimate owners of said rights.

Specifically, as User you are not authorised to modify, alter, copy, reuse, reinterpret, exploit, reproduce, publicise, make second or subsequent publications, upload files, send by mail, transmit, use, process or distribute in any way all or part of the contents, or to carry out any act for commercial purposes with respect to the Website’s Content without the express prior authorisation of Valfondo or the corresponding owners.

Any use not previously authorised by Valfondo will be considered a serious breach of the intellectual or industrial rights and may result in the corresponding legal actions.

In the event of the non-compliance, in whole or in part, by the User of these Terms and Conditions of Use, Valfondo reserves the right to refuse the User access to this website without prior notice.

Valfondo authorises you to view, download and print the Website’s Contents under the following conditions:

- You must do so exclusively for your personal use, not including the Website’s Contents for any commercial use without Valfondo’s prior written authorisation;

- This website must not be used for sending unsolicited advertising or advertising that has not been expressly consented to;

- This Website’s Contents must not be used for illicit or illegal activities contrary to good faith and public order;

- No mention or notification relating to the ownership of the copyright, trademarks or any other provision relating to the intellectual property included in the Website’s Contents may be eliminated or modified;

- Viruses or malware liable to cause damage to the computer systems of the access provider, its providers or third-party Internet users must not be introduced or spread through the network.


What liabilities does Valfondo assume as the owner of this Website?

Valfondo shall be liable solely and exclusively before the User for the services it provides via this Website and the content directly originating from and identified by Valfondo under its distinctive signs.
What liabilities is Valfondo excluded from?

Valfondo does not guarantee the continued operation, or the correct display, download or use of the information contained on this Website’s pages, which may be prevented, hindered or interrupted by factors or circumstances which are beyond our control or no fault of our own.

Specifically, Valfondo does not accept any liability for damage, losses, claims or costs resulting from:

-  Interference, interruptions, faults, omissions, delays, blocks or disconnections, caused by errors in the telecommunications networks and lines or by any other cause beyond the control of Valfondo’s owner.

- Unlawful intrusion due to the use of malicious programmes of any nature and through any means of communication, including computer viruses or any other.

- Undue or improper use of this Website.

- The expectations of the User not having been met with respect to this Website and/or its content.

- Reception, obtaining, storage, diffusion, by the Users, of the Website’s Contents, and the illicit, negligent, fraudulent use, contrary to the present conditions, to good faith, to generally accepted uses or to public order.

- The concurrence of causes of force majeure.

-  Incorrect use of the online information services provided by Valfondo due to the User’s device settings being unsuitable.

- Security or browser errors produced by malfunction of the User’s browser or by the use of non-updated versions.

- The non-operation of or problems in the e-mail address provided by the User via the contact e-mail.

- The use made by Users of the content.

- Any loss of the Users’ data for reasons not attributable to the Information Service provided by Valfondo.

Nevertheless, Valfondo is at the disposal of all users, authorities and security forces to actively collaborate in the removal, or where applicable, blocking, of all content which may affect or contravene national or international law, third-party rights or morals and public order. In the event that this Website is considered to contain any content liable to be classified in such a way, please report this to Valfondo immediately using any of the channels indicated at the start of this legal notice.


This website may contain links to other websites as for example, the links to the different social networks that users may access in order to keep up-to-date with Valfondo’s latest events and news. These websites, belonging to third parties, are the responsibility of the same (hereinafter “Linked Websites”).

Should you decide to visit any Linked Website, you recognise and accept that you do so at your own discretion and that you are solely responsible for taking all the measures necessary for protecting yourself against viruses and other destructive elements which may result from these, and you are also aware that the terms and conditions of use established by the Linked Website in question are applicable, even though access to said website may have been via a link from this Website.

The User agrees to discharge Valfondo from any liability regarding possible breaches of intellectual or industrial rights of the owners of the Linked Websites, of any liability regarding the technical availability of the same, the quality, reliability, accuracy and/or authenticity of the services, information, elements and/or content which, as the User, it is possible to access.

The establishment of any link by Valfondo to any Linked Website does not imply any relation, collaboration or dependence between Valfondo and the party responsible for the external linked website. Valfondo does not guarantee, represent, sponsor or support any Linked Website belonging to third parties or mentioned through this Website. Valfondo will only be responsible for the content supplied on the Linked Websites insofar as it becomes aware of the illegality and does not deactivate the link with due diligence.

In the event that the User considers that a Linked Website contains illicit or improper content, they must report this using any of the channels indicated at the start of this legal notice, without this notification in any event implying the obligation to remove the corresponding link.


Valfondo guarantees full compliance with the obligations that correspond to it in its capacity as data controller, as well as with any other obligation attributable to it in accordance with current national and European legislation on Personal Data Protection.

We collect, use, disclose, transfer and store personal information as necessary to provide our services and for our operational and business purposes. We want to make our privacy practices clear so that you can make informed decisions about the use of your information.

Valfondo informs the User that, via this Website, we will only have access to the data that you provide in the enquiries sent via the contact email. For further information about the processing of personal data by Valfondo, please see our Proivacy Policy.


Valfondo may modify the present Terms and Conditions at any moment, in line with the evolution of this Website and the content offered therein, reserving the right to unilaterally modify, add or delete at any moment any of the present Terms and Conditions of Use, should it consider it necessary, whether for legal or technical reasons or due to changes in the nature or layout of the Website, without giving prior notification or warning to the User of these modifications, their publication on the Website being considered sufficient for them to be applicable.

All modifications will be effective with respect to the Users of this Website following this modification. Continuation of the use of this Website following the publication of any change is considered as acceptance of the same, and the User may be considered liable for direct non-compliance with the same. If the User does not agree with the modifications to the Terms and Conditions of Use, they may withdraw from the same by no longer accessing the Website or, if they have provided their personal data, by exercising their rights in accordance with that indicated in more detail in our Privacy Policy.

The latest date of modification will always be published at the end of these Terms and Conditions of Use, so that the changes made will be effective from said date.


Valfondo is based in Spain, and therefore these legal Terms and Conditions have been drafted by virtue of Spanish legislation and the applicable regulations of the European Union. In the event of conflict, claims or complaints resulting from or related to the use of this Website, these will be subject to the aforementioned legislation, notwithstanding the principles which govern the conflicts of laws applicable in each case.

The User accepts that claims or complaints against Valfondo resulting from or relating to the operation or use of this Website will be resolved by the courts of the competent jurisdiction in Zaragoza.

In the event that Valfondo is required to make any type of complaint they will do so before the competent courts at the User’s address or in Zaragoza if they are legal entities or non-consumer professionals.

If accessing this website from outside Spain, you are responsible for complying with all applicable local and international laws.

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